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The Easy Chinese App is a Chinese handwriting learning tool targeted at foreign learners. Combining online courses and AI handwriting recognition, it features 700 minutes of video courses on 690 Chinese characters that demonstrate the strokes and meaning of each character, accompanied by sign language commentary. Users are able to set study goals, hit streaks, and target difficult characters to optimize the learning experience and be motivated to learn.

The App is especially suitable and accessible for ab initio Chinese learners seeking for a hands-on Chinese handwriting experience. We start by looking at the easiest ones and explore more difficult ones later on.


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How It Works

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690 Characters

Units for easy learning.


Meet the Team

A note from the team


    We are a team of Chinese students who would like to bring to you a more enjoyable language learning experience.

    You’re probably here because you want to learn some Chinese. If that’s so, you’re one of the 40 million people out there learning Chinese as a second language. It is a growing phenomenon.

    So we did a survey beforehand with Chinese-learning foreigners and Chinese teachers around us: results show that there’s a clear need for better Chinese learning Apps. Eighty percent of the responses said they would like to see an app that could help students with the strokes of each character. A teacher pointed out that there is no app which could check the accuracy of character writing. Some also noted that due to the graphical quality of Chinese characters, it would be more practical to learn Chinese writing by hand and not by typing.

    We hear your needs. And to tackle this problem, we present to you our creation - the EasyChinese App.

Easy Chinese

Sarah Tan

UWC South East Asia, SG

App Developer

Course Teacher 

Frank Zhao

Geelong Grammar School, AU


Saree Huang

Star-river School, CN

Sign Language

Harry Yu

UWC South East Asia, SG

Hand Writing

Mela Shen

Qibao Dwight School, CN